5 Fun ideas to do this Easter time with your toddler!!

Easter is such a MAGICAL time with the Easter Bunny visiting your little one for perhaps the first time that will be remembered by them!! Even after the chocolate has been given and eaten (perhaps not just by them!) there are so many ideas that you can do with the left overs to continue the magic of Easter.

Have lots of fun!!


#1 Magnetic Eggs

This activity is a great science exploration to find out about magnets!! Have lots of fun going around the house experimenting too! Discover more


#2 Egg Cracking

This activity uses egg shaped card with a number written on it your little one has to use a hole punch to punch the correct number of holes in to the card – helping develop fine motor skills! Discover more…


#3 Jelly Bean Colour Matching

This activity uses a spotty egg (with different coloured spots) and matching the jelly bean colours to the spots. Of course eating them afterwards J – great for toddlers that don’t like chocolate! Discover more…


#4 Alphabet Egg Matching

This is a great phonics activity with card eggs. Using card cut the egg into two – so there is only one correct match per egg and use the letter on the top half and a picture on the bottom half – for example ‘r’ and a picture of a rabbit. Discover more…


#5 Easter Egg Word

This is another phonics activity, but more advanced! Use your old plastic Easter eggs and write different phonics onto each half … then twist to make new words – they don’t even have to be words – just to help learn the phonic rules (eg: on one half write s, c, d, l and on the other half ‘at’…. And as you spin the halves you will make ‘sat’, ‘cat’, ‘dat’ and ‘lat’ ) Discover more…


Have a VERY Happy Easter!!!


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