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The Mini Moments Story

Mini Moments was founded by Emma in 2012 to support women through the changes of pregnancy and motherhood. Through her own experiences and sharing experiences with other mums she realised that there was a lack of care for women in this important time to fully support the challenges that they face in modern society. After supporting over 1000 families, Emma has carefully selected other professionals to work alongside to ensure that you continue to be supported.

The demands and expectations of mothers (both of their own and societies expectations, or at least perceived society expectations) are a lot higher whilst the extended family is wider spread geographically, much more than ever before, affecting the level of support available during this special time. Both of these factors are making the transition into motherhood more challenging than ever before.

Mini Moments is well known and respected in the area. Emma has built a strong network with other parenting and baby businesses in Gloucestershire. Many are run by like minded women that are also dedicated to increasing and enhancing the level of support that we collectively offer women and new mummies in Gloucestershire. You can access these via the Friends of Mini Moments page.

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I am passionate in creating safe spaces to ensure that women are able to get the support that they need, feel empowered as a parent and ensure that struggles of the journey are normalised as we all struggle. Mini Moments offers comprehensive emotional, physical and practical support for you during pregnancy and highly recommends specific quality providers to continue your journey through the early stages of parenting.

All classes and workshops are warm, friendly and non-judgemental recognising and respecting all views and approaches to life, pregnancy and parenting. Every choice is equally respected and equally supported. You will never be told what to do, how to parent or what choices to make… instead you will be signposted, educated and walked with supporting your growth into a wonderful new mummy.

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