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Antenatal workshops

Mini Workshops

I currently offer two mini workshops that cover elements of your pregnancy and birth so that you feel more prepared for your journey ahead. They are both unique to Gloucestershire and cover different elements. You may feel that you would like to do both or one of the workshops depending how informed you feel about different aspects and choices that you have when you are pregnant.


Birth Together

Birth Together develops your confidence and guiding you through how you and your birth partner can work together during your final trimester, labour and birth. Find out more…


Your Birth Day – coming soon

Your Birth Day considers all of your options during pregnancy and birth to ensure that you can make informed decisions if the moments arrive ensuring that you have ownership and are empowered in your birth whatever the outcome.

Hello Emma! We are super pleased to announce the arrival of Jasper Dylan Port, who came into the world on Tuesday 16th October 2015 at 12.07 a.m, weighing 6lb11. The labour was 3.5 hours so not only was he 3 weeks early, he couldn't wait to arrive! We are totally besotted and cannot stop staring at him - he is AWESOME! I used many of the breathing and relaxation techniques that we covered in pregnancy yoga, and particularly found golden ribbon breathing extremely helpful. We had a very positive birthing experience and I believe this was due to the Birthlight Together 1:1 sessions, using Birthlight techniques, and the pregnancy yoga sessions. Thank you so much for giving Dan and I the best chance for a relaxed and positive birthing experience. Your knowledge and experience really made the difference on d-day, we felt in control and not afraid to enjoy the experience - it gave us the confidence to make sure we had the birth we wanted. I will certainly recommend this for all my friends (and their partners too!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are fab. Love Beth, Dan and baby Jasper!! xxx Beth, Dan and Baby Jasper - see all recommendations

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