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Baby massage

I always recommend learning Baby massage once your baby has been born as it is a skill that is relaxing whilst enhancing and nurturing the bond between parent and baby. Becoming a new mum or dad can be a challenging yet rewarding time. Baby massage classes are designed to empower parents and take time out of their lives to relax and spend quality focused time with their babies and to learn a skill that they can do anywhere, at any moment and continue to use as they grow up. You can learn baby massage in group classes, in private groups and one-to-one sessions – have a look at my friends page to find some recommended Baby Massage teachers as I no longer teach classes myself.

Cherish the quiet intimacy and the mini moment of being parent and baby…

Learning Baby Massage …

Learning Baby Massage in warm and comfy environments will allow both you and your baby to relax, feel safe and to get the individual support that you both may need.

Group Classes

Most Baby Massage group courses are held over five or six weekly sessions and are for babies from around 6 weeks to crawling. The skills that you will learn can continue to be used as your child grows and most teachers follow this journey with you offering different postnatal support groups and other classes services.

Private Groups

You may find some teachers that offer classes for private groups which are really great if you are part of a group of friends that would like to do the course all together.

What to look for in an EXCELLENT Baby Massage class:

Most baby massage classes are taught over a relaxed 1 hour and each class includes a demonstration and group practice of massage strokes and are baby led to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your baby. Classes are be held in venues that create a welcoming and relaxing environment. There  is often some time built into the classes for parents to relax and reflect (chatting time) on their parenting journey so far. Each class can cover a variety of topics that are normally personalised to the groups needs and will help you all along your new parenting journey. Handouts, oils and ongoing support should all be offered to you to ensure that you are fully supported.


Other Baby Massage Services

Some baby massage teachers will be able to also offer specialist workshops to support you with premature babies, special needs babies and babies with other needs, such as help with sleeping and digestion and sensitivity.

Colic Workshops

Baby Massage can help improve your baby’s digestion and reduce the onset of Colic. Having had a baby who suffered from colic as well as vast experience of supporting families with colic and reflux, we are very aware of how distressing the condition can be for both parents and babies.

Often Baby massage teachers offer special One to One Workshops free to fully support parents during this challenging time by discussing how colic can impact upon the whole family, the different causes of colic and teaching a special colic routine and other techniques that can ease the symptoms and help reduce the occurrence of Colic. These classes are often held in your own home which may help you to relax and share your family’s situation.


As a second time mum I find it really difficult to fit in quality time with my baby. Baby Massage with Mini Moments has proved to be an oasis of calm in a manic week; a time to focus on Samuel and enjoy him without any distractions. Emma made me feel at ease and relaxed during the session regardless of the mood that Samuel was in, and both Samuel and I really enjoyed the time. I highly recommend these sessions to any mum trying to find a way to connect with her baby.” Helen, Mum of Samuel - see all recommendations
I loved the massage course, Emma is a really encouraging, informative teacher & I felt like she really cares about what she does. She also provides a wonderful, calm setting for the classes. It was lovely to have some quality one on one time with my son, especially as he's my second so we get less special bonding time. He loved every minute of it & I really feel like it has helped me to read & understand him better & bring us even closer." Louise, Mum of Austin - see all recommendations
My little boy and I really enjoyed the Baby Massage course. Emma provided a safe and warm environment for my boy and I to bond and to learn the various massage strokes and the accompanying songs. Her ways were always gentle and encouraging, and never judging. Emma brings along her many years of teaching experience, her knowledge on baby subjects and an obvious love for babies. We are going to love continuing onto the next course, but will always be remembering the very special time that was given to us on this one. The only thing I regret is that I hadn't done the course with my daughter when she was little. But as Emma says: it is never too late to start massaging your child. I might even give that a go! Thank you Emma!” Alexandra, Mum of two - see all recommendations
The classes were a lovely experience for us both – such a calm and relaxed environment, and my baby loved the massage.” Amber, Mum of Blake - see all recommendations
This course helped me bond with my baby and helped me learn more about her signals and cues.” Alix, Mum of Zarah - see all recommendations
Very enjoyable for both of us. A very good bonding experience. Excellent course. We really enjoyed this and Emma created such a lovely environment where I felt very confident and comfortable with my baby. Sarah, Mum of Rosalie - see all recommendations
I really enjoy doing Baby Massage at home, its lovely bonding time. Fab course, nice relaxing time for mum and baby! Emma, Mums of Summer - see all recommendations
Loved it! Gave me much more confidence with him. Thank you! Debbie, Mum of Leo - see all recommendations
I am confident and find it enjoyable – something which Daddy is starting to do too! Lovely welcoming environment. Open feel to the group – felt free to answer / ask any questions. Becky, Mum of Darcy - see all recommendations
Just wanted to say thankyou for the baby massage class. It was lovely after spending time bonding with my bump in your yoga class to then bond with Clara in massage. Thankyou again, I will be telling everyone about your classes and your relaxed yet extremely informative methods of teaching. Tracy xxx Tracy, Mum of Clara - see all recommendations
I found the course very interesting, learnt more about my baby and how to read her signs. Love the tummy massage - it has helped her a lot when she has found it hard to go Faye, Mum of Mya - see all recommendations
i have really enjoyed the course - a nice and relaxed atmosphere - lovely teacher too! Olivia, Mum of Daniel - see all recommendations
I have really enjoyed the course and great to meet new people with babies. Really helped to relax my baby. Good clear instructions and great to have repeated in each session Anonymous - see all recommendations
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Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Promotes positive touch and communication between you and your baby
  • Provides quality relaxation, love and attachment time.
  • Strengthens and improves many body systems ( breathing, immunity, circulation and digestion)
  • Improves muscle development, tone, function and flexibility
  • Supports and enhances body and sensory awareness
  • Stimulates the senses that enhance brain development
  • Improves the skins condition
  • Promotes more restful sleep
  • Relief from constipation, colic and teething
  • Develops confidence in handling your baby
  • Supports lifelong bonding between you and your baby
  • Helps you to learn and recognise your baby’s needs
  • Builds parental friendships and a support network
  • Facilitates the sharing of experiences in a supportive and empowering environment

Supporting You and Your New Baby

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