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When can I start the course? Can I still start if my baby isn’t yet 6 weeks (hasn’t had their GP health check)?

It is recommended that you wait to start the courses until after your baby has had their health check with their GP. Having said that I do understand that some new mummies would like to start the course earlier, perhaps to have something to do during their day, be on the same course as their friends or perhaps to get some tips on bonding and postnatal support. It is possible to start the course earlier and it really only affects a tiny amount of the massage routine. Please contact me and we can have a chat about your needs.

How do I remember the strokes that are taught in the classes?

Each week you will be given two handouts. The first has simple concise diagrams and instruction for your massage and the second has nursery rhymes and songs to promote communication with your baby whilst you are massaging.

What is the venue like?

All of the venues that use for my Baby Massage classes have been carefully selected for their environment – offering warm, comfy and tranquil spaces as well as parking onsite and nearby.

Is there parking at the venue?

There is parking both at the venue and also nearby.

What if my baby needs feeding or is sleeping though the class?

The classes are relaxed, informal and baby led, so if you need to feed then please do and if your baby needs to sleep then allow them to. The classes are 90mins long to allow for all eventualities and if needed I can always check your technique on my spare demo doll. It is a class for you to learn at and hopefully to massage your baby, but if this doesn’t happen it is not a problem – as long as you are able to massage at home.

My baby was born premature, are the classes still suitable?

I am specially qualified in premature baby massage. I do offer 1-2-1 classes to teach you a special routine for you to learn and then do whilst your baby is still in hospital. Once baby is out of hospital it is a great way to increase bonding with your baby and to make important friendships that you may have missed out on making during your shorter antenatal time.

My baby has special needs, are the classes still suitable?

I am specially qualified in special needs baby massage. I do offer 1-2-1 classes in your own home but the group classes are rich in postnatal and peer support. It is a great way to increase bonding with your baby and to make friendships that you can carry forward.

Why should I not massage for 3 days after their vaccinations?

Massage speeds up the circulatory system and the vaccine travels around the circulatory system. Due to the fact that we don’t’ know the true effects of speeding up the circulatory system on the action of the vaccine we err on the side of caution and wait until babies are three days clear of their vaccine. Be assured that this doesn’t affect your learning or attendance on the baby massage course as you can still come with your baby and be safety checked with the demo doll ready for when you can massage your baby again.

What if I miss a session?

If you miss a session I am normally able to offer you a catch up class on a different day in the same week.

When should I massage at home?

Baby massage can be done at any time of the day, when your baby is in an active alert state and when you are relaxing at home. You can never over massage a baby!

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