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Birth Together Workshop

I am proud to offer exclusive Birth Together Workshops which are designed to meet the needs of both the mother-to-be and her birthing partner – helping to prepare you both mentally and physically for birth, and in some cases beyond, during the final term of your pregnancy. The workshops are a unique blend of a variety of training and complement my Birthlight Pregnancy yoga classes as well as other antenatal classes that you have been to.


The Birth Together preparation classes are designed to empower both individuals through exercises, an understanding of labour and each others needs. This workshop is essential to anyone supporting someone through labour and birth as it can be daunting for anyone who has either never previously encountered childbirth, or who may have negative past experiences.

The workshop is practical and supports the birthing partner by giving emotional, physical, practical and tangible ways in which they can have confidence to be able to support you fully during your labour and birth. Numbers are limited to an intimate group of mums-to-be and their birthing partners who are all in the same trimester of their pregnancy. This ensures quality teaching and individualised support enabling you enough time and space to ask any questions throughout the time of the workshop. This workshop takes place over three hours and is tailored to your individual needs as much as possible.


Private One to One Workshops

If you would prefer, I can provide this workshop as a Private One to One Workshop held in your own home. This may enable you both to feel more comfortable and relaxed so that the content of the classes can remain with you in your everyday environment. If you would prefer this please do feel free to email me ( for my current availability.

Cost: £140

Duration: 2 x 1.5 hour sessions

Venue: Your own home (within 10 mile radius of Cheltenham)

Please note: Mileage will be added after 10 miles

Hello Emma! We are super pleased to announce the arrival of Jasper Dylan Port, who came into the world on Tuesday 16th October 2015 at 12.07 a.m, weighing 6lb11. The labour was 3.5 hours so not only was he 3 weeks early, he couldn't wait to arrive! We are totally besotted and cannot stop staring at him - he is AWESOME! I used many of the breathing and relaxation techniques that we covered in pregnancy yoga, and particularly found golden ribbon breathing extremely helpful. We had a very positive birthing experience and I believe this was due to the Birthlight Together 1:1 sessions, using Birthlight techniques, and the pregnancy yoga sessions. Thank you so much for giving Dan and I the best chance for a relaxed and positive birthing experience. Your knowledge and experience really made the difference on d-day, we felt in control and not afraid to enjoy the experience - it gave us the confidence to make sure we had the birth we wanted. I will certainly recommend this for all my friends (and their partners too!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are fab. Love Beth, Dan and baby Jasper!! xxx Beth, Dan and baby Jasper - see all recommendations

Examples of what is covered in the session…

  • Birthing circuit – a routine for use during the stages of birthing and to help strengthen the muscles needed for childbirth
  • Birthlight™ pregnancy yoga exercises to facilitate optimal fetal positioning and birthing positions for labour – which may result in more effective contractions, faster dilation of the cervix, easier passage for baby’s head which in turn can lead to shorter more comfortable labours.
  • We will cover aspects of Spinning Babies to encourage optimal fetal positioning and how it can help you during your birth.
  • The role of the pelvis in labour and birthing  – to enable you to have a better insight into the process, how to help it through active birthing and what birthing position your body and pelvis might prefer
  • Pelvic floor exercises – to create better awareness of these muscles for release during labour to reduce tearing and improve muscle health for post-natal healing
  • Relaxation and stress release techniques – to improve the release of oxytocin to assist contractions and ease the birth process. This may also include some discussion of preconceptions about birth and release of fear and anxiety which will promote confidence in your body’s natural ability to birth
  • Massage techniques during labour –  different techniques to use at varying points in labour to help with relaxation and pain relief
  • Rebozo – using a rebozo to aid with birthing positions, massage and support during labour.

"Treasure your time & make memories"

Please note that Pregnancy Yoga classes are classed under the banner ‘antenatal care’ for the NHS which means you are entitled to paid time off work to attend.

Please have a look at the DirectGov website for more details.

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