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Don’t restrict your own Birth!

You may ask why I am writing this and why I may think that you would restrict your own birth – but sometimes women do as a way of protecting themselves from disappointment – but at the same time they should keep options open and empower themselves! One example is if a woman is told at their 20 …read more

Have you heard of Gentle Caesareans?

So for a couple of years now I have been promoting Gentle Caesareans and signposting my clients on what differences there are… I have spoken to consultants at Gloucester Royal through forums and meetings and naturally they do some of the requests if possible, but to my knowledge have never done a full Gentle Caesarean. Sophie Messenger ( a …read more

Your Pregnancy Hormone OXYTOCIN – the LOVE Hormone!

During pregnancy and birth there are lots of hormones involved… one of the most important ones is OXYTOCIN. This has been nicknamed the LOVE hormone as it is released when you are feeling good and loved at any point in your life and is involved in bonding with your baby.    Feeling Good During your …read more

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