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Why is Tummy Time Important?

Allowing your baby to play on their front is important for their physical development and will help to develop skills vital for later life. Your baby needs time playing on their front to develop good head control, learn body awareness and gain good balance and coordination. With opportunities to move and play in different positions …read more

Is Social Media showing you the reality of parenting?

Every day thousands and thousands of people use social media to keep in touch with people… or at least this is what it was first ‘designed’ to do! But more and more we are seeing only the good things in life, the events, the celebrations, the first steps, the first poo in the potty (he he he!! – but …read more

5 Fun ideas to do this Easter time with your toddler!!

Easter is such a MAGICAL time with the Easter Bunny visiting your little one for perhaps the first time that will be remembered by them!! Even after the chocolate has been given and eaten (perhaps not just by them!) there are so many ideas that you can do with the left overs to continue the …read more

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