Don’t loose that time – it really does go too quick!

Well here we are in November and another change is about to happen…

When I first had the boys the struggles were very apparent. Trying to still be the career girl that I had become and loved, but also wanting to be the best Mummy that I could be and do everything that I wanted to do as a mummy.  Sadly the reality of parenting is that we can’t tick all the boxes and feel as though we are doing a good job in all areas – some parts have to go on hold for a while whilst we focus on the things that are important at this time in our life. its easy reflecting back, but at the time and no doubt where you are now is really is a big choice and feels like you are making too many sacrifices…..

Well here it is – YOU ARE!! …. but at the same time you are only going to get ONE SHOT at this parenting business!!… and believe me (I know that you have heard it before, probably from your parents as ours did, but this time listen!) it really does go too quick! We look back a photos from only a few years ago and already find ourselves missing that age that the boys once were – and they are still only 5 and 7!!!


So here is the difficult bit – there is no right or wrong – you have to do what sits right for you and your family the best, every mum struggles at making a work life balance (is there ever one of these – even before children?). The key is not to succumb to the pressure of what others are doing – their choice isn’t your choice – have the confidence to block out what others are doing, look within and see what you would like to do, how much time you want to spend with your family, how much money you need, what you want to do for your career.

There is NO RIGHT choice…..don’t over think…… if you are working, if you are working hard enough, if you are spending time with your children, if you go back to a different job, if you stay at home, if you set up a business (and I see this pressure even more these days – my next blog will be about this!)….. the only message I can stress the most is its YOUR CHOICE and within your choice make sure that you are enjoying your baby, your child and yourself and that you are happy – Happy Mummy = Happy Baby!!


My personal journey so far has encompassed a lot of these (it hasn’t been easy at all!), downgrading my job (to cope with the new pressures of being a mummy), going part time (spending time earning and being me, but being there for my boys as well, setting up a business (whilst my children were at preschool), working evenings (to spend time with them during the days), and now the biggest change for me is that I am diversifying my business as my children have asked me to be at home more during the evenings (Mummy at home during the day isn’t needed now as they are both at school). It hasn’t been easy, its been challenging…. but over the past 8 years I have found that I have grown… been less ridged and developed into being able to listen to their needs and be fluid in my approach to life – what works one year perhaps wont work forever – or perhaps it will – it really does have to work for us all.

I now make sure that I take time to wallow in the time that I do spend with them (unplugged so that I am totally present in mind too) and really take in their personalities and laugh with them about silly things (mostly naughty words, even at the dinner table – having two boys its all about toilet humour – but its ok, there will be plenty of time for serious chats as they get older!

My message to you…time really DOES fly!!! ENJOY your pregnancy, Enjoy your baby, Enjoy your toddler, enjoy your children, enjoy YOUR life!! Don’t let others define YOU…. be your own version of ‘Happy Mummy’ for your own Happy Baby!


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