Don’t restrict your own Birth!


You may ask why I am writing this and why I may think that you would restrict your own birth – but sometimes women do as a way of protecting themselves from disappointment – but at the same time they should keep options open and empower themselves!

One example is if a woman is told at their 20 week scan that their placenta is low laying (Placenta Praevia). This means that their placenta is laying low and therefore if as the uterus grows the position doesn’t get higher it can in some cases prevent a vaginal birth.


Find out more about Placenta Praevia and read the detailed description of the images on this NHS document.

Some women at this point (20 weeks), accept that they will more than likely have a Caesarean, and stop looking at anything that they consider related to vaginal births. But this can be short sighted as actually only 10% of women diagnosed with low lying placentas will still have one at the 34 week scan. These women can then find themselves in a overwhelming position, feeling underprepared and wishing that they had have looked into things that they would have wanted to earlier.

A lot of women in my pregnancy yoga classes come to stay fit, meet other pregnant women and prepare their body for birth, but what they also realise early on in the classes is that they are more rich than just that! They aid relaxation, build strong friendships, educate you, and mentally instil belief, prepare and empower YOU for YOUR birth – WHATEVER the outcome (including caesarean births)!!!

Sometimes when a women is told that she needs to consider having a Caesarean for a number of reasons, their heart can sink. For so long they have thought about birthing their baby and now the way that they thought they were preparing for is not suggested the right option for them – this DOES NOT mean that Pregnancy Yoga and other similar classes are not suitable!!! In fact they are as important – and starting classes earlier will enable your journey to be gradual relaxed and give you the time to relax and feel truly prepared – there is a lot of difference stating classes at 14-20 weeks compared to 34 weeks!!

EVERY birth can be EMPOWERING – don’t restrict yourself!!!!



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