Have you heard of Gentle Caesareans?

So for a couple of years now I have been promoting Gentle Caesareans and signposting my clients on what differences there are… I have spoken to consultants at Gloucester Royal through forums and meetings and naturally they do some of the requests if possible, but to my knowledge have never done a full Gentle Caesarean.

Sophie Messenger ( a fellow Doula UK Birth Doula) supported a friends birth on the 25th July 2016. She had gone on quite a journey to ensure that her wishes were met and now, after this video has gone viral, it has really raised the profile of this option and perhaps we will be hearing a lot more about Gentle Caesareans, and perhaps they will also become the norm.


Here is what Sophie wrote (she has permission to share)

“A friend had the most gorgeous gentle Caesarean yesterday-it was quite a journey because her local hospital refused to entertain any of her wishes, so she had to move to another hospital where she found the most supportive consultant, who not only agreed to support all her wishes but filmed the birth to use it to educate other health pros. I especially loved watching the baby walking himself out of the womb. The mum also told me that they waited until the cord had finished pulsating before clamping it, and kept the baby on her even when they transferred her to another bed. For me this really shows how it isn’t how the baby is born but how the people present respect wishes and demonstrate support and kindness that makes a beautiful birth. The mother has kindly agreed for me to share the video so other women can have such a beautiful experience too.

The official hospital film should be released in a week or 2. There you can watch so much more. These were the mother’s wishes:
* no drapes

* walking out of the baby to help clear lungs
* delivery to chest if cord allowed
* cord left to stop pulsing before cutting
* no weighing or measuring until family ready
* baby to stay on mum until she was ready to part (it was 6 hours). Even when pat sliding to transfer. 
* own music 
* lights reduced”

If you are considering a Gentle Caesarean you can watch to video on my Facebook page and Sophie has a Birth Plan for you to download from her website.

Please do chat to me more if you are considering a Gentle Caesarean.


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