Is Social Media showing you the reality of parenting?

Every day thousands and thousands of people use social media to keep in touch with people… or at least this is what it was first ‘designed’ to do! But more and more we are seeing only the good things in life, the events, the celebrations, the first steps, the first poo in the potty (he he he!! – but a massive celebration – you’ll understand if you are at that stage in parenting already) This is all great – I can keep in touch with family and friends as far away as Australia and New Zealand! But at the same time it can be dangerous!! Very dangerous to some! We only see the best side of life and therefore we can start comparing our lives with a distorted view of another’s. This can be so harmful as many of us are over-thinkers and our own best critics!! At a time in our lives where things are tough, hormones are settling and sleep deprivation is certainly a factor, we need to try and give ourselves a break – put things in perspective and remind ourselves that social media rarely shows the everyday struggles that we all have!!

I have to say that some platforms are a life saver to groups of mummies going through the ups and down of parenting if you are honest – Keep it REAL … show the struggles as well, it might make you vulnerable but you will get the support and you might save someone from thinking that they can’t cope and be able to reach out as well!!

Many of you will have seen that we went away for Easter – the first flight that our boys had! the picture that was uploaded to facebook was a happy family one – and unfortunately the story would not upload at the same time… but here is the post as it should have been…. Happy reading!!


“Hello from sunny Tenerife!! We arrived safely and are relaxing now…. but don’t judge a story by the picture!! Read on to hear the FULL story behind the picture!


Well our journey to Birmingham Airport was absolutely fine – the boys didn’t realise until check in that we were going on holiday and flying!! they were so EXCITED!! but oh my… that’s when things went so wrong!!

  1. Jake ran through the scanner and nearly knocked it over – causing, panic from staff, disruption and a lot of ‘looks’ from other adults – I wonder if they remember travelling with young children?
  2. Our flight was delayed 4 hours with no information at all – given that our flight was at 6.30pm (perfectly timed for tea time and bedtime as we would be in our apartment by 11pm – we paid lots more for this!) you can imagine what our boys were going to face ahead and all of the other children on that flight!
  3. After 4 hours and 15 minutes (straight after I had ordered some more food) the flight was cancelled and we had to go immediately (yes leaving all the food) and collect our baggage and go to emergency overnight accommodation
  4. When we were offered accommodation we opted for two adjoining twin rooms around the corner from the airport as then we could get the boys to sleep quicker… but no this took another hour due to the taxi sitting at the wrong part of the airport!
  5. On arrival at the hotel there weren’t two adjoining rooms so we ended sleeping in a twin room with a mattress on the floor 1am-5.30am when Scott was sick… a wake up call for breakfast at 6am, and collection to go back to the airport at 7am
  6. We checked in (AGAIN) at 8am and as we were walking to security Scott was sick again all over the floor (it was an impressive 1m Diameter!)
  7. Security this time was fine for the children but I got searched!
  8. Duty free and boarding went well….. but then 5 people decided not to turn up for the flight so all of the bags had to be removed from the plane to find theirs and then reload everyone else’s – this caused us to loose our emergency flight slot (we had a rescheduled flight from the day before!)
  9. The pilot announced that we had to be towed to a ‘remote part of the airport’ and wait for an undefined time for a new flight time – there was uproar!!! you can imagine the adults – tired! and the children VERY tired!! to top this situation all off there were not refreshments on board so we were just all hoping that we had bought enough food and drink in duty free to last us the 4 hour flight and however long we had to wait in the ‘remote part of the airport’
  10. All of a sudden we had a flight slot – children were screaming all around, being restrained as they needed to be secured before we could start on the runway… it was manic – the children who were traveling on laps were arching backs screaming and not happy bunnies at all!
  11. Jake and Scott (being 5 and 7) had their own seats… but nevertheless it did not go smoothly – Scott all of a sudden felt sick and was!… we weren’t so lucky with the second belch and yes… it landed on my lap – and for the next 4 hours there the smell would stay! Wiped off by antibac travel wipes and the smell hidden by samples of perfume from duty free.
  12. The flight was fine – the whole plane cheered on the way up and on the way down (after Scott was sick again!) and the apartment was lovely but 24 hours late!

The MORAL of this post – not everything is as wonderful on social media as it seems!! Keep things in perspective – everyone has there struggles – probably over the same things as you!”


So there you go – the picture in the post was taken the day after we arrived and portrays a delightful holiday which ii was, despite more illness halfway through with tonsillitis!!

Remember KEEP IT REAL!!


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