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Pregnancy Yoga

In my weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes you will learn carefully adapted classic asanas (postures) and rhythmical movements, micro-movements, breathing, relaxation, birth preparation and sharing of experiences. Throughout the classes we will discuss the benefits of the postures and techniques and time is given to fully experience the power of the yoga practice by combining the breath with the movement of the body. We will also practice special breathing which will help to prepare your spontaneous breath for labour.

I aim to create an informal and light-hearted setting which is warm, empowering, friendly and immensely supportive and allow you to relax fully to nurture yourself and bond with your baby.

One of my previous women has written a blog about her pregnancy which features Mini Moments Pregnancy yoga classes click here to read what she has to say!

My classes are structured on the due dates and needs of the women present and are suitable from week 14 of your pregnancy. My Pregnancy Yoga classes are designed for you to learn and help you know your body better so that when the big birthday comes, you know exactly what works for your body in order to help your baby be born gently, consciously and with minimum intervention. My classes never exceed 15 to ensure that each individual gains the care, attention and support that they deserve during this time whilst having the opportunity to make a group of mummy friends to continue your journey with. My classes are taught on the outskirts of Cheltenham which has easy access to the M5 and the A417 making the classes popular for women from many areas of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

If you would like to discuss your needs further please do feel free to contact me – I’d love to hear from you!


Cost of classes:

£50 for a block of 6 classes

It is recommended that you try and come to the classes for at least 12 weeks to gain the maximum benefits. The most benefit is seen the earlier you begin coming to the classes. When you have lesson than 6 weeks left until your due date you can pay per session. to access the class schedule please click here.

These classes are guaranteed by the Mini Moments Promise.

"Thank you Emma for Yoga classes! You give so much information about giving birth, it is interesting and helps not to worry too much. I am very glad that I started it with you!" Nadezhda - see all recommendations
"I have really enjoyed the Mini Moments Pregnancy Yoga classes so far, they've given me a much needed opportunity to relax and focus on my second pregnancy. Emma's classes have been fun and friendly, and I look forward to them every week!" Vikki - see all recommendations
"I am really enjoying my pregnancy yoga classes with Emma. She is very friendly and welcoming which leads her to give a relaxed but informative class. I particularly enjoy all the tips on positions and breathing for labour and the explanation of the science behind them. The relaxation time at the end makes me feel all floaty, which at 31 weeks pregnant is a very welcome feeling!" Lou - see all recommendations
Hey Emma, I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday... Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl! I had a great short active labour finishing up in the pool at Cheltenham Birth Suite just as I wanted . I used all of our yoga positions throughout and kept as active as possible. I found being on all fours and making letters/words with my pelvis great during contractions to ease the pain. The breathing exercises were fab too so much so that I couldn't get on with the gas and air for the pushing as I couldnt breathe in and out of my mouth so reverted to techniques we practiced and out she came!! I was complemented on my breathing techniques and tried to keep a loose jaw! Thank you so much for the classes I really don't think I would have birthed as well without all my new found knowledge from you! I also used the secret pelvic floor tip too . Hope to see you for some post natal yoga in the near future. Lots of love Becky and Amelie Grace, 7lb14oz the most perfect Valentine's Day present ever Bex - see all recommendations

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Benefits of Mini Moments Pregnancy Yoga

  • Help you to focus on spinal and pelvic alignment and the redistribution of weight as your baby grows and keeps you supple without straining
  • Aligns, tones, opens and strengthens your body to accommodate your growing baby and in preparation for labour and birth
  • Promotes awareness of the pelvis and the pelvic floor in preparation for labour
  • Learn the ‘labour circuit’ and related micro-movements to open the pelvis
  • Helps to ease some of the common aches, pains and discomforts (e.g.: back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, swollen joints, carpel tunnel, heartburn, constipation)
  • Encourages awareness of breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to relax throughout your pregnancy, labour and also to help cope with early parenting
  • Reduces stress and anxiety by improved breathing which reduces stress levels and blood pressure
  • Promotes relaxation which encourages better sleep during pregnancy and boosts energy levels
  • Helps women to discover or regain their inner strength and their intuition
  • Promotes harmony, self-confidence and trust to ease fear, anxiety, stress and depression
  • Promotes optimal foetal positioning – creating space for your baby to move
  • Creates time for bonding between mummy and baby through breath, sound, touch and movement
  • Make new friendships and build the support networks needed for parenting

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