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What are the classes like?

The classes are 90 mins long (rather than other sessions that are only 60 mins) so that we have time not only to practice breathing, do individual and paired pregnancy yoga, pelvic floor strengthening, relaxation, about also to have quality time to develop friendships, gain reassurance and ask any questions that you might have about your pregnancy and birth preparation and your birth. We always finish the class with a positive mantra for the week – a thought to take away with you and a moment of solidarity between the group.

I haven’t done yoga before – can I still do the class?

Be assured that you won’t be the only one who hasn’t done yoga before – in fact more haven’t than have – it’s a time in your life where most people discover yoga for the first time as it has so many positive benefits for pregnancy.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose/stretchy comfortable clothing. At the end of the class we always finish with relaxation which an extra layer / blanket will help keep you warm.

Do I need my own yoga mat or equipment?

Everything that you need in the class will be provided. All that you might want to bring with you is some water, an extra layer/blanket for relaxation and a pillow/cushion.

Is there parking at the venue?

All of the venues that I teach pregnancy yoga at have lots of free parking onsite.

Why do you teach Birthlight classes?

I am a firm believer that due to being taught Birthlight yoga for my first pregnancy I had a positive birth, being able to keep calm, actively birth and truly believed to let go and fully trust my body to birth. I have since shared this to friends and now am proud to be a fully qualified Birthlight teacher.  Birthlight empowers body and mind.

How are your classes different to other yoga classes?

My classes are differently to other yoga classes as they have music playing throughout the class and relaxation and women can ask questions and discuss issues at any time during the class. The classes are rich in information and support from both myself and your peers – who, in most classes, become your lifelong friends.

Why are your classes in 6 week blocks?

I teach in 6 week blocks to ensure that during your time you have lots of different focusses but also some repetition to enable your body to commit the moves to muscle memory. By prepaying the class it will also give you encouragement to come to the classes regularly. There are in excess of 10 different lesson plans which rotate and can also be adapted in every class to meet each individuals need.

Do you give out handouts?

I do not give handouts as I encourage you to come as much as you can before your birth to ensure that the yoga practice becomes stored in muscle memory so that when you are in labour your body is able to just do (choose the exercises and positions from memory) rather than consciously thinking what to do next… switching off the thinking part of your brain will help your birth.

What other support do you give?

As a Doula I have been at a lot of different births and experienced lots of scenarios with my clients and therefore have a lot of knowledge to share when and if you require it. As I Doula I will never tell you what choices to make – just to signpost and give information and support you in your choices – empowering YOU, always!

What happens if I cannot make one of the classes?

One of the qualities of my classes is the friendships that you form during your time in the classes. The friendships are made so strong by the consistency of the women in the class and not adopting a ‘drop in’ culture. This creates a safe and trusting environment which is another quality of the classes and enables you to discuss honestly any worries and concerns that you may have.  I teach 4 classes during each week and therefore if you know that you are going to miss a session then I can offer you a catch up in one of the other classes in that same week, but I do not offer rolling over of the sessions to other weeks due to the fact that I do not do ‘drop ins’.

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