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Pregnancy classes

Overview of classes

Pregnancy is a time of huge change, both physical and emotional. The practice of Mini Moments yoga will help you to promote balance, harmony, joy, trust, well-being, and self-confidence all of which are important at times of transition and uncertainty. Yoga is also one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy as it is a gentle and safe way to keep toned and supple without straining the body. Mini Moments pregnancy yoga is taught by Emma and she also runs an exclusive Birth Together Workshops for the Mini Moments pregnancy yoga mummies.

In both classes I aim to provide practical support for a healthy pregnancy, preparation for labour, and begin to lay the foundations for the transition to parenthood. I aim to create an informal and light-hearted setting which is empowering, friendly and immensely supportive whilst also recognising that each birth is unique. Being Birthlight™ trained I strive to give special attention to each woman, whether she is having her first baby or she is a busy mother already.

I hold a Birthlight™ Diploma in Pregnancy and Active Birth Yoga for Maternity Professionals which has professional accreditation with the Royal College of Midwives and approved by Fedant.

Pregnancy Yoga

Classes are held weekly and are suitable from 14 weeks for both women that are new to yoga or women who regularly practice yoga… find out more

One of my previous women has written a blog about her pregnancy which features Mini Moments Pregnancy yoga classes click here to read what she has to say!

Birth Together Workshops

Birth Together Workshops are suitable from 30 weeks and help you and your birthing partner prepare mentally and physically for birth and beyond.

These are unique mentoring workshops which include coaching your birthing partner in how to support you fully during the last stages of your pregnancy, labour and birth. The workshops are kept small so that they can be tailored to each individual needs and usually take place over three hours. Private classes can also be arranged…. find out more

"I have really enjoyed the Mini Moments Pregnancy Yoga classes so far, they've given me a much needed opportunity to relax and focus on my second pregnancy. Emma's classes have been fun and friendly, and I look forward to them every week!" Vikki - see all recommendations
"Thank you Emma for Yoga classes! You give so much information about giving birth, it is interesting and helps not to worry too much. I am very glad that I started it with you!" Nadezhda - see all recommendations
"I am really enjoying my pregnancy yoga classes with Emma. She is very friendly and welcoming which leads her to give a relaxed but informative class. I particularly enjoy all the tips on positions and breathing for labour and the explanation of the science behind them. The relaxation time at the end makes me feel all floaty, which at 31 weeks pregnant is a very welcome feeling!" Lou - see all recommendations

Please note that Pregnancy Yoga classes are classed under the banner ‘antenatal care’ for the NHS which means you are entitled to paid time off work to attend.

Please have a look at the DirectGov website for more details.

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