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Hi Emma! I thought you might like to know that Philippa (Pippa) Annabelle arrived safely on Saturday 14th April at 7.26am weighing 7lb 2oz. I went into labour naturally and managed on 2 paracetamol and a bit of gas and air! 🙂Used the birthing pool for some of it which was great. Midwives/team asked me whether I’d done hypnobirthing as they kept commenting on my breathing/how calm I was, so thought I’d feed that back to you! 🙂

Thank you for all your help, advice and top tips! I’ll hopefully pop in soon!

Lucy x (2018)


Hi Emma, I don’t know if you’d have seen, but Tabitha Lux arrived yesterday morning via elective C-birth. It was a much better experience than the emergencies, and the yoga breathing helped me to relax in the lead up to it.

Looking forward to bringing her to see you all at yoga soon!

Jenna x (2018)


Hi Emma, Rosanna Suzanne arrived at 10.02pm on 15th January weighing 6lbs 15.5ozs after just 2hrs 30 of active labour! Had the music for dreaming playlist on in the background and used all the breathing techniques I could remember. Charlie Chaplin and sticky feet got me through the early stages for sure!

Will pop along to see you all in a few weeks. Glad I got to sit on the last mat just once!! Thanks for everything, I’ve loved the classes!

Rosanna xxx (2018)


Hi Emma, Introducing Oliver Stephen💙 8lbs 1oz born at 1:14am 22/12/17. It’s obviously my destiny to be surrounded by handsome men! Thank you so much for all your support and guidance in this pregnancy and the last one. I took your advice and trusted my body. Used a ball, oils and lots of yoga moves/ breathing. I progressed very quickly from a single pessary (start of contractions to giving birth was 5hrs). I’m not going to lie it was a lot harder than George but was pleased I still only had gas & air and I did it. Think I’m set now with my two boys.

Lots of love! Nikki Xxx (2017)


Hi Emma, just to say I won’t be at yoga on Wednesday as Henrietta was born on Sunday morning.  Very straightforward birth, got to the hospital almost fully dilated, had a bath then baby was born in the birthing pool. Feel very lucky it was so straightforward! Will bring her to show you soon.

Ruth x (2017)


Hi Emma, hope you’re well! We had a baby boy last Wednesday at 6:02pm just as you right have been starting yoga! He was a whopper at 8lbs 12! We got discharged on Sunday and doing really well now we’re home. Thanks for your advice and support! The yoga breathing was really good and saw me through. Oh and I mooed hahahaha

Ali xx (2017)


Hi Emma, just to let you know that Baby boy (no name yet!) arrived rather quickly this morning (at 1:41 am, weighing 6lb 14oz) having started induction on Monday morning and nothing happening for 36 hours – in the end no time for anything except gas and air. We’re both doing well and home now. Hope to bring him to next week’s class or the following one.

Thanks for all your help and advice, it definitely helped me, especially in early labour.

Liz x (2017)


Hi Emma, I had my baby!! 3 days late. A gorgeous little boy Jenson was born on Saturday evening at 6.50pm. Birth went really well, at Cheltenham, in the water as planned. So no more yoga for me.

Thanks for the classes, have really enjoyed them and found them useful and reassuring. All the best to the other ladies!

Caroline x (2017)


Hi Emma, when they checked me in Gloucester they also notice that I was actually 2cm dilated, I had contractions all night and went to Cheltenham Hospital at 7:30 am, little baby Lucas was born at 3:18pm on Thursday 9th, 3,535 kg weight and 53cm long. We are both ok, I didn’t need an epidural and didn’t have any stitches 💪 and he is gorgeous 😍 

I haven’t had the chance to say good bye to all of you, but it would like to say thank you very much for all your support and all the good tips and advice you gave me which were very useful through labour 😊

Eva xx (2017)


Hi Emma, I hope you are very well. I am writing to let you know that our baby girl arrived late evening on 15th September. We call her Elizabeth Grace and we are totally in love with her. She was 9 pounds at birth and has already put on a bit of weight.

Thank you so much for fantastic yoga classes. You are a truly exceptional teacher. I also have made really nice friends through your classes so am very thankful to you. I will try to come and introduce Elizabeth to you some time. Just a bit early still for us.

I will miss your classes :))

Inese xx” (2017)


“Hi Emma! Just to let you know baby Athena arrived Monday at 2.16pm weighing 7lb 6oz. All went really well, arrived at the birth centre at 6am and birthed as planned in the pool, turned out she was laying back2back so even midwives were surprised how smoothly it all went considering.

Thank you for everything as I know I would never of felt empowered or confident enough in myself to of gone to Cheltenham & definitely would not of managed with just gas & air without the classes! Golden ribbon breathing got me through a lot of the way and got lots of Charlie Chaplins in as well!

Will bring her to visit you soon!

Charlotte xx” (2017)


“Hi Emma, George John arrived Sunday 2nd July at 8.21 am weighing 7lb 3oz. I had a C-birth but had moo’ed my way around until late Saturday night. Was on the whole an amazing experience and fantastic staff (aside from one who told me not to verbalise my feelings just breathe with gas and air who received the less than polite retort).

Thank you for your support over the last 6 months. We’ll be in as soon as able to visit!

Lynne xx” (2017)


“Hi Emma. Sorry for my lack of yoga attendance yesterday but baby had me occupied 😍 William born yesterday morning and we’re home now doing well!

Thank you for all your expert advice along the way; managed to get lucky and follow my birth plan- nice and natural with no pain relief other than gas and air. Was great to feel empowered through the whole birth process (which was only 7 hours from first contraction to birth!).

Thank you again and I’ll see you next week with baby.

Freya x” (2017)


“Hi Emma, Just wanted to belatedly send my apologies for last week’s yoga and to let you know I won’t be needing my place now as baby William arrived on Wednesday night. I started at Cheltenham and found the breathing and exercises we’d done really helpful, but later moved to Gloucester (breathing particularly useful through contractions in the ambulance!) and ended up having a C-birth. We are home now and really enjoying getting to know our little boy.

Thank you again for all your help and advice,

Rebecca x” (2017)


“Hi Emma, As you know Eric arrived at 5.20pm weighing 9lbs 6oz.  I woke at 2am with period type pains but didn’t think too much of it. I couldn’t seem to settle so decided to watch some TV on my ball and do some yoga.  At 3.45 some of my waters went, as contractions got more frequent we left home and got to the birth unit about 7am.  They said I was very calm and contractions didn’t appear regular, so they would watch me for 1-2 hours then assess where we were.  I kept very active doing Charlie Chaplins & lots of hip circling (standing and on all fours).  By 9am I really felt things were moving so she offered an examination.  She was very surprised to find I was already 6cm! 

I then used the pool which was lovely, lots of space to move & I was finding the whole experience very manageable and calm, especially with gas & air. By 1.45pm the midwife decided I could start pushing with each contraction.  We then spent the next 2 hours trying all sorts of positions but it seemed my contractions had slowed and didn’t have much power behind them, even the clary sage didn’t do much. Again though, this all felt manageable I’m sure all the breathing helped.  

I was getting tired and they don’t like the second stage to go on much past two hours, so by 3.45pm she started talking about moving downstairs and ventouse. The midwife was brilliant giving me as much time as possible, she said he was so close but by 4.25pm she said we better move downstairs. 

I continued on gas & air, luckily for me the doctor was with someone else and as Eric wasn’t in distress they weren’t in a rush to get to me.  With lots of encouragement, Eric was born naturally at 5.20pm.  

I feel so positive about the birth and in a funny sort of way even enjoyed it. I am sure this is all down to the Pregnancy Yoga classes and the Birthlight Together, which was brilliant for preparing both of us.  

We have enjoyed an amazing first few days at home, I absolutely love being a new mummy! I have even used yoga breathing when I’m holding Eric to comfort him.We can’t thank you enough for all of your support.  

Jade, Gavin & Baby Eric xxx” (2016)


“Hi Emma, I hope you’re ok. Just to let you know I won’t be needing pregnancy yoga anymore as little Cambrian rocked up at 12.06 on Sunday. Weighing 5lb 13ozs.

I had a really good water birth in Cheltenham with just my yoga breathing, Charlie chaplins…. sharpening a pencil on all fours action and Gas & air
😀 The yoga breathing & exercises helped me through the first 7 hrs at home before I went to Cheltenham & got in the birthing pool. All I learnt kept me calm & birthed baby really well. I even did the hacker grunting & leg by my ear!! It really does work 😀 thank you! 😀 I was very pleased how it went. Midwife even complemented the yoga saying could tell I had done it and was amazed I did so much at home with just it. Opening that pelvis right up works 😉 I will come and visit soon,

Naomi X” (2016)


“Hi Emma, Toby was born on 19th March at 10.35am. He was three weeks early so was a tiny boy, weighing 5lbs 9oz. My waters broke at 1am and then the contractions started at 2.30am and 8hrs later he was here.Everything happened so fast and I can’t remember much of it; it’s all a bit of a blur. According to the other half, my breathing techniques helped me through the first couple of hours and I didn’t have any pain relief until I got gas and air in the delivery suite. The contractions came thick and fast and the pain was pretty bad, but all totally worth it to meet our amazing baby boy.

The pelvic floor exercises that we did in yoga have helped me massively since having the baby and continue to do them everyday.

I’m glad I started doing pregnancy yoga. It helped me prepare mentally and physically for the birth!

Love Sarah x” (2016)


“Hello lovely yoga group. I am sat with my new beautiful baby Reuben Joseph Knight, who arrived on Saturday morning at 5.12am weighing a whopping 9lbs and 5oz. It’s been a bit of a crazy few days but oh my goodness ladies, I am so so in love with our beautiful boy.

Labour was just incredible……I had contractions from 3am Friday morning, they were absolutely fine for the majority of the day, I did some housework and walked my friends dog with her. My hubby went off to work as usual and with some nice music and my yoga ball I managed to get to 7pm and contraction 3-4 minutes apart before going in. Straight to delivery and had the most beautiful Midwife who completely respected the quiet I wanted and talked me through my contractions perfectly. I had the tens machine on at that moment and it did help lots. Was examined at 8.30pm and was only 3cms so had to go to the maternity ward which I would say was the worst bit as the prospect of Jay going home at 9pm and leaving me to do it on my own was do daunting as I so needed him although was completely in my own bubble and managing fine. It all started ramping up and they kept saying they wouldn’t examine me and my hub had to go home, but ladies you will know your body and everyone’s labour can progress at such different rates so I insisted she looked at me before Jay was sent home. Anyway luckily I did as I was 5cms…… but had to wait for 2 hours to be moved back down again to our same room on delivery. On the gas and air which was amazing!!! Got completely in the zone, used all the chants and breathing techniques and it just felt like time flew by!!! Next thing I knew I was 8cms and I wanted to push but managed to restrain with the breathing techniques and puffing on gas and air. Seemed like minutes and I was 10cms and finally could push which was such a relief and I mooed like a cow. Unfortunately not long into pushing baby got distressed and it was found that his oxygen levels were low – I was taken into theatre for a C-birth….I coped so well because I completely trusted my body and used all the techniques we practiced.

I want the other girls from our class and other women to see that birth is still an amazing, life changing experience even if things don’t go to plan. I am very proud of myself and hubby was blown away at how I did it – he said by the end when I was pushing he’d of still thought I was the 3cms like when I went in because of how calm I was.

I know your classes were a huge factor Emma. Thank goodness for people like you.

Lots of love to you all, see you soon xxx ” (2016)


“Hi Emma! I’m delighted to tell you that Thomas Dyer was born late on Sunday. I went into spontaneous labour an hour before we were due to call the hospital to get our admission time for an induction later that day! I’m convinced the visualisation techniques did the trick. I had a ‘great’ labour (wanted to stand and used your suggestion of leaning against a wall rocking my hips which was fab). Did lots of breathing techniques. Had some gas and air which was fab. We got stuck at the very end – he was back to back so they used a Vontouse to try to turn him, didn’t work, he became distressed, so ended up with forceps, an episiotomy and a tear for good measure which was disappointing at the time but worth it for the end result. Thank you for your encouragement during my final days of pregnancy.

Best wishes, Emma xxx”


“Hi Emma, Baby no. 2 finally arrived on the 19th at 2:40 in the morning. Poppy Elizabeth McNeil.. She was 10 days late but still had lots of vernix so I think she was about on time… She weighed 8lbs 11oz and is healthy and happy…

I felt like this time around I really took the yoga on board. The early phase went quite quickly, I did ribbon breathing and did circles on all fours. When the midwife arrived I was fully dilated and ready to get into the pool, so felt very proud of myself for lasting on my own for so long.. I also did gap breathing and really felt the benefit of breathing out through a contraction until I had nothing left, it really helped with the pain… Thank you for all the support you offered -you really have been amazing Emma and I’m so glad I’ve been able to come to you with both my pregnancies.

Lots of love Georgie xx” (2016)


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